What would you like to GROW?

It’s raining. For hours it’s raining and the puddles in the backyard get bigger and bigger. It’s cold too. Otherwise the rain would not bother Frida. She would just jump around and into the puddles and start a nice mud stew. »This sucks!« she says with an angry face. »Don’t be sad, Frida.« Mom says. »How about you draw a picture of the plants you like to grow soon?«

»I want to grow watermelon, strawberries and bananas!« she says and takes some crayons and a piece of paper. »That’s going to be a challenge in our backyard. Bananas like really warm weather for a very long time.« Mom explains.

Frida starts drawing a big red strawberry and says »I actually want some strawberries right now! They help me think!« Her mom laughs »It’s not even spring yet. There are no strawberries.« »But I saw them in the store!« Frida insists.

»That’s true. But because they are not in season in our area now they are shipped from far away and are super expensive.« Mom says. »You can have some applesauce – that helps you thinking just as good.« Mom says smiling.

Do you live in an area where it’s warm all year? - With lots of fields with fruit and vegetables around you? Then Theo would envy you for wearing shorts all the time and Frida would love to just go outside to pick some strawberries.

Fruit like bananas or kiwi love warm weather. They travel far and long so they get picked, packed and shipped before they are even ripe. Bananas are super green, when they get cut from the tree and turn yellow on their journey to our store. All this transportation causes lots of CO2 in the air.

Luckily there are still plenty of vegetables and fruits that grow in your area during summer. Frida knows round about May is strawberry season in her area. Theo can’t wait until fall when it’s apple-picking season. Apples and potatoes are great food to store for weeks by the way.

Buying fruit and veggies locally and when they are in season is a good way to safe lot of energy and CO2. When farms near you grow strawberries you can go and pick a basket full yourself and make a delicious cake. Or you enjoy some right on the field – that is called farm-to-mouth without any pollution! Farmer’s markets always offer food from around your area and most of the products are organic, that means they are not treated with harmful synthetic pesticides.

Theo and Frida water the plants at the windowsill. »Theo, write T-O-M-A-T-O on the little sign.« Frida asks her brother. »Ok, but mine is called: Big-Warrior-Tomato-Tom!« he states. »And mine is called ...uuuhhm... Tickelicious-Tiger-Tomato-Tom!« Frida says.

It’s still not warm enough to plant anything outside. But it’s great fun to start with tiny seeds indoors and watch them grow. With some glasses or half bottles you can create a little green house right at your window.

Mom has a surprise for Frida: »actually you can enjoy some strawberries today! I made you a smoothie with strawberries! We bought a ton when they were in season and stored some in the freezer for right about now. Yum!

Take Action!

Draw a garden bed to plan your planting!

Take Action!

Draw little icons of veggies and fruit in this spreadsheet and look when they are in season.    

Take Action!

Use these pots to document your plant growing observations.