NATURE CRAFTS are powerful!

Frida is upset. She looks at her sparkly slap bracelet and the fluffy ribbon that fell off. »I just got this today as a raffle prize at school.« she says sadly. »Mom! I need another bracelet, this one is broken!« she then yells.

»...And I need a new space shuttle – the one wing is broken and the antennas are missing!« Theo joins in. He throws his shuttle into a box with all sorts of little broken plastic toys.

»Let’s go to the store! I have 43 Dollars« Theo says proudly. But Mom wants him to save the money and rather look for the missing pieces and fix it. So they start a little repair workshop and glue, tape and string things together.

It’s really ironic that the little plastic toys break so quickly but won’t fall apart for hundreds of years on a landfill hill.

Many materials or items can easily be repurposed and upcycled. If you have a sewing machine there are a gazillion options for fabric and cloth to become something different and useful again. A hot glue gun also helps a lot to create great art no matter what material. The best art for nature though is nature itself because it’s free and doesn’t cause any CO2.

Actually the opposite is happening. Did you know that trees make good air with lots of oxygen by using CO2 from around them? Humans and animals need oxygen (or O2) for their bodies. When you take a deep breath you suck in air with CO2 and oxygen. When you exhale your body has used up the oxygen and only CO2 is left. Plants do the exact opposite. They use the CO2 in the air and with their leaves and the work they do together with sunlight (called photosynthesis) they produce fresh oxygen.

Wait a minute...! Us humans make that stinky stuff, too? Yes, it’s true but the amount is so little, it would never change our climate. Unfortunately all plants and forests on our planet are also not enough to just absorb the additional trouble causing CO2.

Next time you go to a forest or a conservatory or to hug a tree take a deep breath and talk to plants – they like that a lot!

Theo brings some more sticks and leaves from the front yard.

The whole repair workshop has turned into an art gallery. Theo needs the sticks to finish a picture frame. He wants to glue them all around it and is very careful with the hot glue gun. The little farm house gets new curtains and a tiny table cloth cut out from some t-shirt.

After decorating, Frida wants to dry some leaves from outside and is looking for a big book to press them. »The good thing with this art is...« Theo explains. »...If it breaks or we don’t want it anymore, we can just throw it in the backyard! Cause it’s nature!«

Take Action!

With an observation project:

Take an apple core and one of your broken plastic toys and put them outside next to each other and take a picture once a week. This way you can document the process of degradation and see and show the difference.

Take Action!

Find some different leaves and flowers and use a magnifying glass or microscope to look at them. These are really amazing power plants.

Check out a biology book to learn more about photosynthesis.    

Take Action

Use these examples and create a leave fox or an herbarium with pressed flowers.