OUTDOOR explorers!

Theo and Frida live near a big lake and love to spend a day at the beach. Theo is a wave-observer-champion and loves to lie down in the shallow water with his goggles on and looks right into the wave when it breaks in front of him.

Frida grabs a little bucket, »I’m looking for some new glass stones for my collection.« she says and walks around the shore. There are a few green and brownish ones. Good for another art project.

»I see some fish!« Theo yells and takes a few steps in, just right to the knee and bends over to stuck his head under water like an ostrich in the sand. He can see some more but has to push a ripped plastic bag aside. »That’s so gross!« he grumbles and fishes out the trash.

Frida brings back some nice rocks but also some smooched plastic bottle and some bottle caps. Somebody really needs to clean up here.

Why do people leave their trash everywhere...? 

Some countries don’t have a garbage system and landfill trash piles up on hills and simply gets carried away with the wind and into the sea. Or it gets dumped into rivers that stream to the oceans or from ships directly. There are growing garbage patches in the oceans that put marine life in danger.

Look at the waters you visit. - The ocean, a lake or river. - Some little brook or your village pool. The water looks clean, right? Unfortunately in most waters scientist can proof tiny pieces and traces of plastic. There is so much plastic on this planet that it reaches every part of the life cycle.

Plastic does break apart in smaller and smaller pieces and can become harmful to marine life and sea birds.

Fish and other animals eat tiny plastic parts and if a fisherman catches one and cooks it, the plastic can also end in his tummy.

Can you imagine how a Lego block tastes like?! Yuck!

Good news is that the oceans and rivers are able to heal and renew themselves. - IF we stop dumping stuff into the waters NOW. Whenever you are outdoors in nature carry-in and carry-out so that areas without trash cans don’t get littered.

Many things you need on a nature adventure are either reusable or from natural materials. Lower the amount of plastic in your room, your home, your neighborhood, your school, your village/city and country. When many grown ups don’t buy so much plastic, less plastic gets produced and ends in the trash and oceans. Every single bottle or bag less counts!     

Take Action!

Go outside! Find a spot you like and take a deep breath. Look around and listen closely.

Describe what you:

Take Action!

Do some online research and look for facts about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or Vortex. Compare your results and pictures with different sources. Here is an example Theo and Frida found:

Take Action!

Find 10 marine animals in this word search: