What’s for SNACKS?

»Yay! 10 to 9!« Theo shouts and jumps around his teammates. What a great game! Everybody is very happy and the kids high five each other. »Now I need a snack!« Theo says and Frida joins in because the word snack always catches her full attention. Some grown-ups brought power-water in plastic bottles with lots of energy for athletes and chips. Lots of single wrapped little bags with almost glowing chips that dye mouths orange. And again lots of straws peeking out of juice boxes and pouches.

»Wow, look at all this trash!« Theo says. One mom is

challenging the kids by telling them: »Everybody picks up 5 pieces of trash before they leave!« Some kids help but some are really exhausted and not in pick-up-trash-mood.

Theo is still really thirsty and just wants to go home. »Are there some apples?« Frida asks her dad. »Unfortunately we didn’t bring any, but we have some at home.« Dad replies. »We’ll remember it for our next game!«

Frida really has a sweet tooth and loves cookies and biscuits. She jumps for joy when she gets a treat, or two, or three... But then her mood can get really cranky. »That’s the sugar low after the high.« Mom always says. Like a hill you are running up and at the top you realize there are no more sweets and then you have to walk down. All the way - With a frown face.

Many of the snacks and drinks kids love contain way too much sugar or fat, salt and artificial flavors. That’s not good for your teeth and your body.

Everything that is highly processed is not really healthy. That means a long way to produce the food makes the good stuff like vitamins disappear and cost lots of energy. That’s right guys: CO2 alarm!

Frida’s team tries its hardest to score. Theo supports the coaches and fetches some balls that fly behind the fence.

Some grown-ups brought a watermelon and a big water jug. Theo and Frida packed all reusable cups they have and rolled them over to the field in their little wagon. And of course Dad sliced up a ton of fresh apples for the whole team.

To reduce the amount of unrecyclable wrappers you can first buy one big portion of snack instead of individually packed and secondly make some paper cups or bowls yourself. Most of the to-go cups grown-ups use all the time have this waxy coating inside which makes all these cups impossible to recycle.

Take Action!

Invent and draw a big chips machine and count every processing step. From potato in the soil to chips in a plastic bag.

Compare with number of steps for apples:

1. Pick

2. Eat