Where do you TRAVEL?

»Germany, Italy, Egypt, The Great Wall of China...« Theo lists all the places he wants to go on vacation. »I love flying!« Frida says, thinking about the last time she was on a plane. »You only love it because you can watch movies all the time.«   »No! Also because you are so high up in the air that you can look outside the window and see the... uuuhhhm... EARTH!« she says.

But this summer the kids won’t fly far away. They are going on a camping trip and start a list with important things to bring. 

To fly on an airplane from one city to another (about 400 km apart) causes the same CO2 emission like about 300 cars driving the same distance.

Taking the train is a much more environmental friendly option. Or to take your bike! That causes no pollution at all and would be a great exercise. But you would probably need a week to arrive and can only bring a backpack.

A trip with four people in a car and a tent in the trunk is probably a good compromise for a vacation. Instead of visiting friends far away you can meet half way and find a campsite near a lake or river and camp together. Or you visit a different farm near your home each day and count all animals you meet.

If you can’t go anywhere - just camp in your backyard or in a nearby park for the afternoon. And if you are more an indoorsy type: switch rooms with somebody! To wake up in a different bed can feel like a vacation too!

Theo looks up to the stars and spots the big dipper. He loves his new sleeping bag that Dad gave him. When he grows up he wants to be an astronaut and fly to the moon on a rocket ship. - Mostly to orbit around the space station without gravity.

Dad made a little campfire in the grill and Frida is very focused on her marshmallow. After burning three this one better makes it in her tummy. She wears a head torch to look around for bears and tigers. Luckily the backyard is quiet right now.

»This is a great practice for our summer camping trip!«

Mom says when she brings out a plate with sausages and corn on the cob.

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Can you add things you would bring on a camping adventure?

- Tent, sleeping bag, stuffy, binoculars, bear attack protection (like a shield?), sunscreen, water bottle, star gazing play list on iPod, bucket for mud…

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Another statistic challenge! Figure out which way to travel has a bigger or smaller CO2 footprint.

Take Action!

Create a star map to connect dots to make up your own constellation. Like the Big Carrot ;)